Let's face it: playing cards are cool.  But with all the gadgets we carry around, do we have room for a deck of cards too?  You bet: Deckster.

It's something I wanted to do the moment I first got my iPhone, and I think it all goes back to my sixth grade teacher, who confiscated a deck of cards I had brought in one day.

We released Deckster as soon as the basics of functionality were done, but don't think that we're stopping here.  Oh no: we are toiling away on just about every capability a deck of cards can have, provided we can devise a natural iPhone gesture or action for it.

So today you can perform the standard overhand shuffle, but we aren't going to stop there.  How about a riffle shuffle?  How about short shuffles?  How about a perfect faro shuffle?  It's all going to be in your hands.

You can deal a card, but what else can you do?  Can you deal seconds? Bottoms?  Maybe you can. but we're certainly not going to tell you how: that's a skill you will need to acquire on your own!

Featuring stunning and original artwork, your immersion in the experience is total, starting with the moment you remove the cellophane from the box and break the seal.  There they are, all your cards, including jokers, in factory order.  And when you're done, and put them back in the box (and you really should put them back in the box!), they come out again in exactly the same sequence you left them in.  Real cards don't randomize themselves, do they?  If you know of any that do, let us know!

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